Bride Only: Includes 1 hour make-up design appt.       $175


Bridal Party and Special Events:

 (does not include makeup design appt).

Make-up Application (w/o strip lash application)     $ 75

Make-up Application (with strip lash application)    $ 85 


*HOLIDAY pricing upon consultation



Lash Services:  

Strip lash application (only)                                        $ 25

Lash Extensions (full set)                                            $115+

*Requires 2 hrs

Lash Extensions (fill)                                                    $ 55+

**Lash extensions require a separate appointment that must be made prior to any special event and requires a fill every 2-3 weeks.


On-Site Bridal - Choose the location of your choice

*A minimum price of $545 for Bride plus (3) others is required for travel and includes a complimentary makeup design appt for the Bride at our studio location.

(Inquire for additional information)


Permanent Makeup:

Brow                                                $450

Eyeliner (Top)                                $350

Eyeliner (Bottom)                         $350

Eyeliner (Top /Bottom)                $550

Lip (Liner)                                       $375

Lip (Fill-In)                                     $500

Touch-Ups:   Priced upon consult

Custom Blended Make-Up:

Katherine enjoys her time creating her custom blended makeup line.  Her knowledge of skincare care, custom blending and her makeup techniques sets her apart as a makeup artist.  Her custom blended line is not just like every other makeup product.  There are additives that are blended into the foundation to help the skin heal from concerns such as: rosacea, acne and aging.


Her passion for educating her clients during their one-on-one lesson, often has them departing with more knowledge of proper skincare and makeup techniques.  Most clients purchase a custom blended foundation, eye shadow or lip product for them to go home with.  A masterpiece created just for them!

For more information on Services, Products or Advice, contact Katherine MacDonald today!  978-502-5043